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Just-In-Time (JIT) scheduling is like a Replay "Theme Channel" except you can specify more exact criteria. WiRNS will set up a one-time recording for any show that matches your search criteria.

You can specify when it should set up that recording (24 hours before, 4 hours before, etc.). A great feature of JIT is that it keeps track of every episode that you record so that you can tell it not to record any episode that you have already recorded in the past.

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Original Announcement and description

See the [original thread by Glenn] from when JIT was introduced.

(this information might be out of date -- it needs to be checked)

With this you can tell WiRNS to monitor the channel guide for upcoming shows that match your criteria, and schedule a recording automatically.

The list is checked and the recordings scheduled at the start of the ReplayGuide/ToDo refresh. The time frame checked is the time from now until now + the Refresh Interval defined in WiRNS Configuration.

Show Title - Can be anything, not case sensitive, use % as a wildcard

Channels - Can be left blank (any channel), a single channel, or multiple channels separated by commas.

Time Span - Limits the schedule to the selected time range. The range can span over midnight, it will generally figure that out. 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM is all day. A show will be scheduled if Start Time <= Show Time <= End Time

Replay - The Replay on which to schedule the recording. If "Any Replay" is selected, this is treated as the preferred Replay.

Any Replay - Schedule the show on any available Replay, first trying the Preferred Replay.

Enabled - Allows you to disable this schedule without deleting it.

To change an existing schedule, click the Edit button from the list below.

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