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Restart WiRNS

Attempts to stop and then restart WiRNS. Use when WiRNS appears to have stopped responding.

Restart WiRNS Server

Attempt to stop and restart just the WiRNS web server.

Restart WiRNS Configuration Server

Attempt to stop and restart just the WiRNS configuration server.

Update Guide

Perform a manual update of your channel guide data.

Manual Net Connect

Tell each of your Replay units to perform a Net Connect.

Rebuild ToDo/ReplayGuide

Rebuild the WiRNS ToDo list and Replay Guide

Rebuild ReplayGuide

Rebuild the WiRNS Replay Guide

Start Download Queue

Starts downloading all shows that have been queued for download in the Replay Guide. The WiRNS Configuration option, Always Download All Shows will be honored.

Backup Registry

Creates a local file of the WiRNS registry settings. Many WiRNS configuration settings are stored in the registry; keeping a backup may prove prudent. The registry key is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WiRNS

Backup Database

Backs up the WiRNS Database file.

Restore Table Data

Can be used (under extreme circumstances) to restore backed up data to individual database tables. Should generally not be used.

Update WiRNS

Checks for, downloads and installs the latest WiRNS Updates. WiRNS may be stopped briefly to perform the update.

Downgrade WiRNS

If the Updater Configuration option, Backup before applying updates has been set prior to updating WiRNS, this option can be used to rollback WiRNS to a prior version if you are experiencing problems with the current version .

Rotate Log Files

Closes the current log files, renames them and starts new, empty log files. Generally not necessary, as the log files are rotated whenever a Guide Update occurs. The WiRNS Configuration option, Max Backup Logs controls how many rotated log files are retained.

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