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Prior to installing and setting up WiRNS, there are a few things you can do to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  1. Make sure you have a system that meets System Requirements
  2. Insure you have a guide data source.
    • If using Schedules Direct, make sure you have verified your login ID and Password. Visit This Site and try to log in. IF you get a response of HTTP Status 400 - HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL that means you have a working ID and Password. (You might also see code 405 -- the main thing is that you aren't presented with another "authentication required" window.)
  3. Setup your WiRNS machine to use a static IP address and configure your router. (use this guide)
  4. Determine your WiRNS machine's IP address, and verify that there is nothing else running using port 80. This is critical. Any other web server, DVArchive, Skype, and a host of other applications may be using port 80 and will cause WiRNS to fail to function correctly.
    • From a Windows command prompt, enter the command netstat -abn
    • Check the list generated for anything occupying port 80 on the IP address you wish to use, or Look for entries like TCP or TCP If you find these entries you must determine the application(s) involved and prevent their use of port 80.
    • If any necessary application is already using port 80 and cannot be changed, you can Bind another IP address to your network card and use that to run WiRNS.
  5. Determine your DNS IP address. This can usually be found on your router status page or in the details of your system's Local Area Connection.
  6. Until properly configured for WiRNS, software firewalls can interfere with its operation. During the initial installation and setup it is recommended you turn off your firewall software. Once WiRNS is functioning you can enable the firewall and configure it for WiRNS.
  7. Some antivirus or security software may also interfere with WiRNS. Network shields and other similar features may need to be configured or modified. Temporarily stopping your real-time antivirus shields may help during the installation and setup process.
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