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Will WiRNS solve the issue of the ReplayTV servers going offline?

Yes, WiRNS 3.0 provides the functionality required to keep your Replays operational beyond the July 31 ReplayTV servers shutdown, including items like setting the clock and downloading guide data.

Where can I get help with WiRNS?

Help is available at The WiRNS Support Forum


Where can I get WiRNS?

Download WiRNS using this link.

Can I install WiRNS 3.0 over an earlier WiRNS version?

Yes. Installing into the same folder as a previous version will maintain all of your settings and data. Backing up that folder first is a good idea though.

Can I update from version x.x to 3.0 using the WiRNS Updater?

No. The updater process will only update files within its own version.

Is it possible to transfer the settings from WiRNS 2.1 to 3.0 after a 3.0 fresh install?

If you install into the same folder as WiRNS 2.1, all of your registry settings and databases will remain.
If you install into a different folder, all of your registry settings will remain. If after that you want to stop WiRNS and replace the new database files with the ones from your 2.1 folder, that will also work.


My ReplayTV says "No Channel Guide Information is Available". What is wrong?

Your lineup provider is likely set incorrectly. On your ReplayTV, go to Menu:Setup:Input and Network Settings. Make sure the input provider is WiRNS for all of your inputs.

I'm using WiRNS, how do I get rid of the nag screens?

There are 2 nag screens that you may want to remove:

  1. The "service is going away" message that talks about no listings after 2011-07-31
  2. The "service is back, we'll let you know more later" which will bug you until 2011-10-31. This also manifests as a problem when exiting out of the "Zones", where it appears the replayTV is not activated (even for life time units and even if the system information says it is activated)

If using WiRNS 3

If using WiRNS 2

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