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This screen controls the directories used by WiRNS. More info below.

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Automatic Guide Refresh: enables the scheduled rebuilding of the Replay Guide and ToDo. Refresh Interval (Hours): under WiRNS Configuration determines the frequency.

Automatic Poopli Update: enables refreshing your Poopli show list.

Setting up WiRNS Show Paths allows you to control where your show downloads go and what downloaded shows are made available to your ReplayTV units.

Path is the full folder name where our shows are stored.
Enabled allows you to disable a show path without deleting it from the list.

The following settings are Replay specific. You can use different folders on different Replays for both downloading and streaming shows.

D/L, or "Download", indicates if you want this path to be used to store shows that are downloaded from this Replay. The first path in the list with the D/L box checked will be the path usually used by WiRNS to save downloaded shows. If there is insufficient space on that hard drive, WiRNS will use the next folder in the list.

Guide controls whether or not the shows in this folder will appear on this unit's Replay Guide.
Using this feature allows you to deliver completely different WiRNS Replay Guides to different Replay Units. Plus it lets you easily manage the number of WiRNS shows appearing on your Replay.

IVS will only appear for the WiRNS Replay. It is used to indicate which folders are to be used for IVS Receives.

In the example pictured, Hack and Office are real Replays, homecontrol is the WiRNS Replay.

The shows stored in 4 of the listed folders will be available to stream to Hack, but only one folder has been made available to Office.
The WiRNS ReplayGuide itself will list the same shows as Hack will see.

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